Are you looking for a good project to invest in?

Good news, we're searching for a partner/investor!

Founded in 2014, at Cargopedia we've built a very powerful, friendly and accessible pan-european freight exchange (multi-domain, translated in 12 languages).

We have reached over 83.000 registered companies and we are proud to be one of the, in not outright THE, fastest growing freight exchange in Europe, member-wise.

In order to sustain this growth and to take the next step, organization-wise, we feel that now is the right time to find a serious partner, willing to join forces with us to bring this project forward and conquer new markets.

We have A LOT of great ideas, so having more resources at disposal would help us greatly to implement them faster.

Our ideal partner should:

  • be an international company, with operations in several european countries
  • be motivated and driven by the willing to succeed
  • preferably, it should have some experience in logistics/freight transport market

Are you interested in becoming our associate? If so, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll share more details.