We know that safety is an essential thing in transporting, this is why we have implemented multiple measures to protect you:

  • We manually check all registered companies

    Our operators check all companies who register on Cargopedia. The companies that register with false data are deleted from the system.
  • We block companies with big problems in court

    We are the only freight exchange that manually checks the registered romanian companies on the Romanian law courts portal. Thus, for your protection, we identify and block firms with many lost lawsuits, insolvent or bankrupt.
  • Zero tolerance to payment incidents

    Unlike other freight exchanges, on Cargopedia you will not see companies with several active payment incidents. Thus, if a company has a payment incident opened against it and refuses to cooperate for its resolution, that company will have the account suspended.
  • We block over 1000 companies with payment incidents on other platforms

    We have a proactive attitude towards companies with payment incidents on other platforms. For your protection, we currently block access to more than 1,000 companies with multiple payment incidents on other similar sites. Thus, we want to ensure as much as possible that you will not encounter on Cargopedia bad payers from other platforms.
  • Only validated companies can see the contact information of other users

    Because we want to avoid cases where someone abusively registers with your company data on Cargopedia, only the companies that validate their account (What is validation?) can see the contact information of other users. Please note that for security reasons, physical persons also can not see the contact information of other members registered on the site (of course, they may be contacted by validated carriers).
  • Physical persons can publish only goods for personal use, of small tonnage

    To prevent cases where malicious/banned companies publish loads as individuals, physical persons can only publish ads for freight that is strictly for personal use, up to 7 tons (furniture, personal belongings, automobiles, agricultural equipment etc.).